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Netflix’s Erroneous Error Message

When you try to log into Netflix with Epic’s encrypted proxy enabled, you’ll get an error

India Nodes Removed Due to New Data Sharing Laws

The Indian government proposed then passed new rules requiring VPN / encrypted proxy providers such as

Epic for Android and iOS includes the first-ever mobile Audio Queue

We believe that a browser should function according to the nature of how you use the

Tips: Sites not working in Epic (Try the Umbrella Button)

Unfortunately, more and more sites are blocking access to users of a VPN / encrypted proxy

Phone Dying? Prices Rising? Battery Status Tracking.

Ever have your phone or laptop about to die? Try to buy something at the last

Why Epic Blocks almost all extensions -> “Google removes over 500 malicious extensions from the Chrome Extension Web Store”

Google just discovered what we’ve known for a long, long time — many extensions can not

Privacy, Freedom and the Prisons in Our Mind

The prison in this photo is based on a design by the philosopher Jeremy Bentham called

Audiocontext Fingerprinting (blocked in Epic)

Fingerprinting is using some aspect of your computer’s hardware to determine a unique but stable identification

Ultrasound Signals – Why Epic Blocks Inaudible Audio

The latest Epic releases, from v62 onwards, block ultrasound signals. If you visited a website which

Troubleshooting: Epic’s Proxy (VPN) not working?

Are you having problems with Epic’s encrypted proxy (VPN)? Is Epic’s proxy not working or is