Ultrasound Signals – Why Epic Blocks Inaudible Audio


The latest Epic releases, from v62 onwards, block ultrasound signals. If you visited a website which alarmed your dog but you couldn’t hear anything, it may have been emitting ultrasound signals which are inaudible to humans but perceptible to dogs and other creatures.

Here’s why Epic blocks ultrasound signals. Marketers, trackers, surveillance agents and others emit ultrasound signals (sounds that are inaudible to the human ear) from your computer to be detected by the microphone of your mobile phone which they also control (ever wonder why a flashlight app needs access to your microphone?). The organizations track you by linking both devices and all the activities and data thereof.

We’re not making this up. The good news is that you’re safe if you use Epic.

Here is an academic report on “The Ultrasound Tracking Ecosystem” and another article from Wired with more details:



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