Video Downloading Now Integrated into Epic — Download YouTube (and many other) Videos

The Epic Privacy Browser now has built-in support for downloading videos from thousands of websites. At

Mac Update 49 – Password Saving Restoring, Extension Reset and other Fixes

Mac Users, we’ve released an update to last week’s update which corrects issues related to saving

Five Films on Surveillance and Privacy

The Lives of Others. This film is about writers who are under Stasi surveillance. The Stasi

Google Insisted On Tracking You — We Said NO!

Google effectively censored us then they insisted on tracking you (our users). We said no and

Epic Now Blocks Canvas Fingerprinting

The latest Epic now blocks canvas fingerprinting. We haven’t turned off javascript or done anything extreme,

Epic Supports a Limited Set of Addons including LastPass, Roboform, Evernote & More

Epic now has a webstore via which you can add addons. From the top menu, select

New in Epic: See Who’s Spying on You in Firefox, Chrome, IE & Safari

Fasten your seatbelt. You’ve probably noticed hundreds of tracking attempts blocked everyday as you use Epic

Spell Check — Private & Working in Epic

As per your requests, the latest version of Epic has spell check. It works via locally

[resolved] Norton Users — Norton is quarantining or even deleting Epic.exe without notification

Dear Norton Users — please backup your passwords & bookmarks immediately!!! Norton claims to have fixed

Founder Alok Bhardwaj at TEDx on why Freedom is Impossible without Privacy

The Epic Privacy Browser founder Alok Bhardwaj gave a talk at a recent TEDx conference, “Nothing