Epic Now Blocks Canvas Fingerprinting


The latest Epic now blocks canvas fingerprinting. We haven’t turned off javascript or done anything extreme, we block access to canvas image data whenever it’s requested by a website.

Earlier this year, researchers identified 5,619 websites using canvas fingerprinting including 48 government sites and 241 .org sites. Sites from WhiteHouse.gov to PlentyOfFish.com. Here’s a list of the sites found using the technique as well as a link to the original research paper.

You can read more about the issue here: Meet the Online Tracking Device that’s Virtually Impossible to Block. You can block it very simply now, just use Epic.

You can also test Epic or any browser. You’ll notice that Epic supports canvas image data but that the site is unable to fingerprint you.

Epic’s built-in ad and tracker blocking already blocked most if not all canvas fingerprinting scripts, but this new protection should foil any attempt at canvas fingerprinting whether by a known or unknown tracker.

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