Five Films on Surveillance and Privacy

the lives of others
The Lives of Others.
This film is about writers who are under Stasi surveillance. The Stasi is one of the most infamous secret police who spied on East Germans. They’re the reason Germany is one of the most privacy-conscious countries in the world. You’ll have a hard time finding even a single German who will say their country is less secure now that the Stasi are gone. In one affecting moment after some writers determined an apartment wasn’t bugged one said, “this is the only place in East Germany where I can speak my true mind.”

An 80s film by Terry Gilliam about a world plagued by terrorism with a Kafka-esque legal system for those accused.

poster_theconversationThe Conversation.
A compelling film, a character study really, from the 70s by Francis Ford Coppola about a solitary and paranoid surveillance expert.

The Parallax View.
Another 70s paranoia film full of assassinations, political intrigue, conspiracy, and a disturbing brainwashing sequence.

citizenfour snowden
A documentary about Edward Snowden and the journalists who worked with him on the explosive revelations of NSA surveillance.

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