Epic Supports a Limited Set of Addons including LastPass, Roboform, Evernote & More

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Epic now has a webstore via which you can add addons.

From the top menu, select “Extensions”, then on that page click “Get More Extensions”.

Epic supports password managers including LastPass and Roboform, bookmark syncing apps Pocket and Xmarks, and Evernote. We’re working on supporting more password managers. Let us know other addons you’d like supported as well.

Our philosophy is to allow only “essential” addons from trusted firms. If we allowed any addon to get installed, rogue addons could get installed, and many, many other addons (including several privacy addons) actually pass all your browsing through their servers (which defeats the purpose of a privacy browser).

We hope these addons improve the usability of Epic!

  1. Matt
  2. Rob
  3. Bornaby
  4. Frank
  5. Brad
  6. Fons
  7. Anonymous
  8. maurizio
  9. W
  10. Anonymous
  11. Adam
  12. Anonymous
  13. steve
  14. willy
  15. Erik
  16. Anonymous
  17. The Dude
  18. chesus
  19. chrisp
  20. J.J
  21. Mike
  22. griswolf
  23. bobs
  24. Carl
  25. Max
  26. kobraV
  27. Ron

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