The Epic Privacy Browser from Hidden Reflex is born

epic browser logo medium 2We thank you all for your support.  After a year of development, we’re thrilled to launch the first-ever privacy-focused browser built on chromium.  We have a simple philosophy:  what you browse and search should always be private.  At long last, privacy has become a global concern, and we’re glad to join many, many from around the world who believe that their privacy is worth fighting for to join us.  With Epic, we provide a fast, simple browsing experience but with a ton of privacy versus regular browsers — so you really can have it all.  Please keep telling us how we’re doing, share your thoughts and feelings about privacy. Our privacy is worth saving.

  1. Sai
  2. Kartik Verma
  3. ram sundar
  4. janrdhann
  5. Dave
  6. shrav
  7. Michael Ronayne
  8. premji
  9. H P
  10. Dil Green
  11. Ranjith
  12. tester tam
  13. FutureInsight

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