The Epic Privacy Browser from Hidden Reflex is born.

We thank you all for your support.  After a year of development, we’re thrilled to launch the first-ever privacy-focused browser built on chromium.  We have a simple philosophy:  what you browse and search should always be private.  At long last, privacy has become a global concern, and we’re glad to join many, many from around the world who believe that their privacy is worth fighting for to join us.  With Epic, we provide a fast, simple browsing experience but with a ton of privacy versus regular browsers — so you really can have it all.  Please keep telling us how we’re doing, share your thoughts and feelings about privacy. Our privacy is worth saving.

12 thoughts on “The Epic Privacy Browser from Hidden Reflex is born.

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  • shrav

    I have used Epic and its very fast and blocks all trackers. Not just that give real time information on the tracker being blocked. Allows access to blocked site when proxy enabled. Keep up the good work developers. :-)

  • Michael Ronayne

    I want to say how very pleased I am with Epic. This browser cuts through websites with quota restrictions like they were not there. The absence of annoying popup ads is more than a small benediction. Epic provides a reasonable level of privacy without going overboard with performance degrading, tedious routing architectures which may or may not work depending on who you want to believe.

    Yes, from time to time I do use TOR and have copy on my computer but for the past 13 years, I have never trusted TOR given who its creator is. I first ran into TOR in 2000 and the avatar in the lower left corner of its home page really freaked me out then and still does now. Fortunately you can still view the original page in the Wayback Machine and draw your own conclusions:

    This is an avatar which the NSA could love. For anyone who suspects I am delusional please check the ownership of the Domain and the current web contents. Also check the IP Addresses for and; I rest my case. I am sure there are people on the TOR Project who are working diligently to protect privacy and I wish them the best of success but I am never going to be comfortable with TOR. The recent success of the FBI with multiple cases involving TOR didn’t come as a surprise to me.

    I am greatly encouraged by the efforts of freedom loving programmers throughout the world to protect privacy and free speech. In addition to advancing the cause of liberty, there are going to be significant financial rewards for those innovators who can deliver value and protection to their customers. Don’t fall into the trap of believing that the Government the United States is the problem, all Governments are the problem and would love to have the same toys the NSA is using. The Internet is the most dangerous thing to happen to tyrants in the last ten-thousand years.

    On a more mundane subject, I would like to report a small but annoying problem with Epic but the “Report an issue..” option in “Tools” doesn’t appear to work, so please consider that issue #1. My primary problem, and issue #2, is that Epic keeps pinning the Epic icon to the Toolbar and reinstalling it on the Desktop after I delete it. I use Epic from the Quick Launch Toolbar. How can I disable this feature?

    Many thanks for a great browser, Mike

  • premji

    dear epic team,

    epic browser is simple great! why don’t you incorporate a simple link: web2pdfconvert?
    lot of people are in need of web page to pdf converter…


  • H P

    I have used EPIC on and off since it was launched. Now that it has look and feel of Chrome, I would like to use it more. However, I cannot find help to allow pop-up for a selective sites. Your help page needs to be worked upon for this wonderful browser to become more user friendly!

  • Dil Green

    Thank you!
    Epic is a great idea, and the execution is great too.
    I hope and believe that this will be a very popular choice ( in terms of raw numbers, at least – even if not in terms of large percentages of numbers in the billions).
    Could this be the cause of an issue – the increasingly poor response when using epic search? Speaking personally, lack of reliable search seriously undermines the usefulness of a browser. It would be a pity if this put people off.
    I’ll persist, and use duckduckgo for now…
    More power to your elbows!


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